Top Dogs

Underdogs Give Back

The Philadelphia Eagles have been called underdogs since their first playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons even though they were ranked #1 in the NFC. Well, Philadelphia won that game, the conference championship and now they are headed to the Super Bowl!

After beating Atlanta, Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson and defensive end Chris Long wore a dog mask on the field showing that the underdogs are the top dog. Then, after the Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings winning the NFC Championship and making their way into the Super Bowl, Johnson and Long broke out the dog masks again, along with the rest of Philadelphia.

Since this dog mask mania in Philly, the NFL Shop made T-shirts for Eagles fans with the dog mask on the front of the shirt. With a little nudge by Long and Johnson via Twitter to the Official NFL Shop account, the NFL Shop will now donate 100% of the proceeds of the underdog shirt to fund the Philadelphia School District.

Long this season donated his $1 million salary to charity. In addition, Chegg announced that they are partnering with the Chris Long Foundation’s “Pledge 10 for Tomorrow” to create equal education opportunities for students.

Fly Eagles Fly.