36. Virginia Tech Hokies

35. Tennessee Volunteers

34. Navy Midshipman

33. Memphis Tigers

32. Miami Hurricanes

31. Maryland Terrapins

30. Colorado Buffaloes

29. Buffalo Bulls

28. Boise State Mustangs

27. Army Black Knights

26. Air Force Falcons

25. LSU Tigers

24. Brigham Young Cougars

23. Washington Huskies

22. TCU Horned Frogs

21. Baylor Bears

20. Nebraska Huskers

19. Oklahoma State Cowboys

18. Oklahoma Sooners

17. Auburn Tigers

16. Utah Utes

15. North Carolina Tar Heels

14. Florida Gators

13. Georgia Bulldogs

12. Clemson Tigers

11. Texas Longhorns

10. Iowa Hawkeyes

9. Oregon Ducks

8. Ohio State Buckeyes

7. Notre Dame Figthing Irish

6. USC Trojans

5. Penn State Nitanny Lions

4. Alabama Crimson Tide

3. Florida State Seminoles

2. UCLA Bruins

1. Michigan Wolverines

Best College Football Uniforms

The uniform. It makes a statement as to who you are and what you represent. Throughout the history of college football, teams have been identified by their school colors and own unique style. Some schools like Michigan, Alabama, and Penn State believe in tradition, keeping their uniforms the same year after year, making them recognizable to several generations of fans.

Recently, schools and apparel companies like Nike and Under Armour have pushed the envelope with uniforms, going bold and sometimes even outrageous. Oregon set the trend by using the brightest of colors in the most extravagant of combinations. Schools like Maryland followed suit, daring to make their uniforms unlike any the football nation has ever seen.

Uniforms today are designed with the hopes of grabbing a chunk of the sports apparel market while attracting some of the nation’s best recruits. Many feel that if you look good, you indeed will play well.