20. Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks

19. Doug Flutie CFL-NFL

18. Len Dawson Kansas City Chiefs

17. Eli Manning New York Giants

16. Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers

15. Joe Namath New York Jets

14. Phil Simms New York Giants

12. Bob Griese Miami Dolphins

11. Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys

10. Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers

9. Bart Starr Green Bay Packers

8. Brett Favre Green Bay Packers

7. Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys

6. Peyton Manning Broncos-Colts

5. Kenny Stabler Oakland Raiders

4. Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts

3. John Elway Denver Broncos

2. Tom Brady New England Patriots

1. Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers

NFL’s Most Clutch QBs

There are number of ways to measure the talent of an NFL quarterback. Some look at touchdown passes, passing yards, and completion percentage to determine just how good they are, comparing quarterbacks across different generations.

However, to gauge of quarterback’s true greatness, one only has to look how they perform in the clutch. Do they melt when the pressure is on, or do they take their game to a different level when the stakes are raised?

A number of quarterbacks have separated themselves from all the rest over the years, coming up big in the NFL’s biggest game, the Super Bowl.

Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers lived up to his nickname, “Joe Cool.” He was always the team’s beacon of greatness in their most defining moments. Montana led the 49ers to four Super Bowl victories in four appearances making him the only quarterback in NFL history to have a perfect record in that many trips to the big game.

Terry Bradshaw has hoisted four Lombardi Trophies while Tom Brady has hoisted five. They needed multiple attempts to get to where they are, however, they were clutch more often than not, bringing their teams back against difficult odds.

The clutch quarterbacks seem to have ice in their veins and a calm heartbeat when the spotlight is the hottest. The game appears to be slow down for them while the rest of the players are moving around like cars in the Indianapolis 500.

They are calm, cool, and incredibly clutch when it matters the most.