20. Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

19. Army vs Navy

18. New York Rangers vs New York Islanders

17. Harvard vs Yale

16. Oklahoma vs Nebraska

15. Florida vs Georgia

14. Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Captials

13. Florida vs Florida State

12. Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens

11. Notre Dame vs USC

10. Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

9. Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants

8. Alabama vs Auburn

7. Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers

6. Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals

5. Oklahoma vs Texas

4. Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

3. North Carolina vs Duke

2. Michigan vs Ohio State

1. New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox

Top Rivalries In Sports

There are games and then there are games between bitter rivals. They are the ones where an announcer says, “you can throw out the records when these teams square off” and really mean it. Games between rivals are always intense no matter what time of year they are played or what position they occupy in the standings.

If you are a fan of the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox, then you know the deal. The games are for more than just bragging rights, often producing high-voltage arguments and unforgettable moments.

Travel down Tobacco road in North Carolina and you’ll see what pure animosity truly is. The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and Duke University in Durham are separated by just eight miles, but when the Tar Heels and Blue Devils compete on 90 feet of a hardwood floor, it is close to being an all-out war.

Rivalries are what make sports great. They give a regular-season game a lot of spice and more than enough sizzle.