Debra Bisaccia from Rye, NY

Paige Hitchcock from Greenwich, CT

Tom Hanny of Seattle, WA

Kaleena Ladearious of Miami, FL

Pat Gamere of Boston, MA

Jim Orsag of Schamburg, IL

Mike Narracci of Rhode Island

Laura DeCarlo of Southampton, NY

Mike Jedziniak of Toms River, NJ

Debra Bisaccia of Rye, NY

Brian Koonz of Newtown, CT

Mike Testa of Salem, MA

Todd Ohlmeyer of Austin, TX

CrossFit gym in Austin, TX

Kaleena Ladaerious of Miami, FL

Paige Hitchcock of Greenwich, CT

Laura Cozik of New York, NY

Leigh Long of Charlotte, NC

Rick Cohen of Los Angeles, CA

Workout Warriors Across USA

Whether it’s kayaking or CrossFit, adventure races or the more traditional ones, Americans are working out more than ever. The desire to stay in shape has morphed into a passion that is making fitness fun again.

GoodSport salutes all those workout warriors across the country who go the distance, reach for new heights and realize all their goals when it comes to staying fit. In this country, the road is always open to run, bike, or hike. There are no membership fees or closing times. It’s just you, your body, mind, and a patch of land to do anything you want to have fun and work up a sweat.

For those looking for a tougher challenge, the ocean usually provides one where Mother Nature and the elements can make things rather difficult. But conquering the elements during an open water swim or while hanging 10 on the surf can certainly be uplifting and exhilarating.

So, keep it up workout warriors, exercise is not a job, but a choice and lifestyle.